Posted: January 7, 2011 in Uncategorized

An unexamined life is not worth living–Socrates

I read this statement in some book recently, but it keep on haunting me day by day, asking me various questions. I am posting few of my questions in this blog.

Lets talk about ourselves first before examining anything… We Humanbeings are we going ahead are travelling back.

We started from the days we lay bare struggling for existence winning a day to day battle with nature. Then came the days we invented Wheel, discovered Fire and thereby tamed the nature to an extent . This is followed by us travelling around and domesticating the whole of earth.

As we discovered metals we found basic tools for hunting. Then formed groups and fighted among each other. When man thought he is getting hold of nature there came the Ice age, showing the mankind the hurdles involved. Few asteriods hit our planet redistributing everyone and everything on the earth randomly.

Again the former process continued and the human population survived and prospered.

The great period of intellectual thinking followed which paved the way for examining everything we did and happened. Man studied nature, postulated theories, created many inventions and led to industrialisation.

There came the importance of the value of exchange of goods. Countries i.e the random groups made by man himself fought among each other for power n wealth.

 Two world wars are fought and are we due of one more, if so we will be back to stone age again..Are we thinking…examining…. retrospecting ourselves?

Major amount of our energies are devoted to mere physical things and we are forgetting the REAL means of life.

‘An unexamined life is not worth living’ said Socartes. Are we worth living?

 I suppose we should take time to think, evaluate and examine ourselves. We should be ethically responsible for each and every deed of ours. We can’t live on a planet exploiting it, damaging its  resources, extincting other species.

Don’t we have a purpose? We the smartest species on the earth, have the ability to think are just living like anyother species.

I end it here…trying to examine myself…


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