Posted: July 25, 2010 in Uncategorized

I hail from a place where people breathe fresh air, drink clean water and all the other healthy stuff. happens. My mornings start with the sweet sounds made by the birds in the surronding woods. My afternoons are spent in the lavish shades of the trees playing cricket. Along with my friends I used to swim in the river every evening. I should say I’m singing my own version of “Summer of 69” remembering all those days in the past.

But, now in pursuit of lucrative career, I ‘m in a place where, I wake to the honking of the vehicles through my window. I had to bear this cacophony even on my way to work. Most of the day, I work listening the silence disturbed by the clicks of the keyboard, where people are busy competing with their computers. I work late very day just to esacpe the riddles of traffic and thus reach home tired, disgusted with myself and had to retire to sleep expecting another frustating day when I wake up.

What’s the difference in my present and past life? It’s dull, frustating, except for the money in the bank account. Is this my own approach of life or the environment in which I live has its part to play? I accept there is happiness in the luxuries bought by money, but are we paying a big price?

Are we busy living just for the sake of earning money and not enjoying our lifes? Even the condition in the place I belong to is no different. Is there something to be done about this or we have to bow before the machines we invent.

I suppose life is to live….. Life is to have fun…… Life is to spend time with friends.Life is to think of the world around us. It is there to enjoy each and every minute we are blessed to live. So I say earn money, have careers, be successful..but don’t do all these things mechanically. Afterall, What is Success for if we don’t have people to share it. Life is precious, care it, share it, enjoy it.



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